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Yin Yoga & Sound

When I heard Prema singing for the first time I had to open my eyes to make sure that this voice is real. This women inspired and impressed me immensly. Last year she carried me through some pretty intense days of a Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Thus I am all the more delighted about this interview with her.

Prema Mayi and the Power of Yin Yoga and Sound

There are many ways to see yin yoga. What is your way?

For me yin yoga is a practice that embraces acceptance into what our life story is, not in a passive way but a grounded way. A practice to dive deep into the stories held within our body, hidden and tucked away. A practice to invite awareness and letting go.

How can the sound and vibrations from mantras and instruments deepen yin?

Sound vibration is very powerful, it has a cellular effect on our system. Mantras are design to purify and open higher levels of consciousness. While yin takes one deep into the physical and emotional body, mantra takes you to the soul and conscious level. And when delivered with instrumentals it creates a supportive experience for the participant.

What is the special power between the dance of yin and bhakti yoga?

Both yin and bhakti emphasize acceptance. While yin embraces acceptance to the limitations of our body and our life story, Bhakti's principles emphasize acceptance to the results of our karmic contract as the first steps to open the way to spiritual evolution. So together these two practices bring awareness to the physical and spiritual plane.

About Prema and her sounds

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